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Nick Hodgson
Debra Mappin

Since meeting Nick 10 months ago I have lost over 4 stone gradually and over 12 inches off my waist! 

I have tried many diets etc over the years, none of which are sustainable but now I have been given the right information I am succeeding very happily.

Nick is a pleasure to see and discuss what you want to acheive and is very approachable.

For me, the way Nick delivered the healthy eating lifestyle just clicked. I truely enjoy the variety of the exercise I find myself doing now and the benefits to my health and wellbeing are incredible.

My motivation continues to be very high with the support and whatever level of fitness you want to acheive Nick can help and motivate you to acheiving a healthier life.

Of course I would recommend Nick for weight loss management, nutrition and exercise as I am proof that he is great at his job.

Nick Hodgson
Robert Ward-Jackson

Nick was my personal trainer for quite some time. To be honest I was someone who didn’t really have much knowledge about exercise (with little motivation) and he did a brilliant job of getting me fit and equipping me with skills and self-belief needed to get fit at any time. I still fall off the wagon occasionally, but I now have the background to know exactly what is required to get me fit again. It’s a bit like the saying ‘Give a man a fish he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime’. Nick will teach you everything you need to know and get you to the point where you are effectively self-sufficient. 

He will push you hard, but the results were impressive. I went from being able to run only short distances to being able to complete the Great North run in a relatively short period of time.

Main points are: very approachable and friendly, broad and detailed knowledge of fitness techniques, variety of different techniques, ensures fitness activities meet with your personal objectives and will give you the results you want, ensures the sessions are interesting and fun.

Nick Hodgson
Steven Woodward

As a retired head teacher and educational consultant, I found Nicks approach well informed, positive and relaxed, with a real sense of purpose.

For me it was purposeful, motivational, worthwhile and fun, I feel inspired to build on the foundations laid by the whole experience. 

The emphasis on lifestyle as opposed to diet was just right, as was the balance between healthy eating and physical exercise. The information/discussion sessions effectively complemented the aerobic workouts, your ability to challenge and encourage inspired.

I felt your leadership was exceptional and that you built genuine relationship based on trust and respect.

Nick Hodgson
Margaret Howe

Nick was very approachable, a good listener. His style was one of encouragement, he was an excellent motivator, I felt that if I had a bad week I was letting Nick down as well as myself, we had to write down the reason that we wanted to attend his sessions, mine was to lose weight, get fitter, and be around to see my grandchildren grow to adulthood. 

At the end of my training course myself I was sad that it was over, i felt that it had been worthwhile, I felt fitter, thinner, and energised.

I would definitely recommend anyone given the opportunity to attend nicks training sessions.

Margaret achieved a waist loss of 20lbs and a waist decrease of 5 inches

Nick Hodgson
Fran Lane

I am so grateful to Nick for his competent, caring supportive training. From when I first joined his guidance I felt that i had someone leading the sessions who was going to encourage and motivate me, that proved to be true. 

For myself through Nicks teaching on nutrition and his fitness training, I felt motivated to get my life back on track in terms of healthy eating and a good exercise programme that suited me. 

Nicks training enabled me to set goals and make changes to enable a gradual improvement in caring for my body, enabling me to feel good about myself and the progress I was making, this was done in a way that was fun, realistic and achievable and not a chore. Throughout the whole contact Nick showed his knowledge and his passion for what he provides.

His ability to teach in an interesting and interactive way that enabled steady progress to be made as the weeks progressed. I learnt so much about food, calorie intake and nutrition and also about the need for regular exercise.

I am so pleased that I worked with Nick and grateful that it has made such a difference to me in the way I approach the need for a healthy lifestyle and has given me such a positive outlook.

Fran achieved a weight loss of 22lbs waist loss of 5 inches

Nick Hodgson
Mark Downs

I have trained with Nick for nearly 3 years, initially to support my rehabilitation after a serious head/brain injury, I needed to get fit and improve my strength, the left side of my body was weaker than my right and I had back problems. 

I’m registered blind so needed someone I could trust to support me through a training routine.

We work at both my home using nicks equipment, at my local gym and we even go jogging with Nick guiding the way!.... I enjoy the sessions and nick makes it a good laugh.

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