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Personal Fitness Training customised to your needs...

Intermediate Level

Programmes are designed for individuals that would like to improve their current fitness levels.

Clients at this intensity may already be undertaking exercise and physical activity but want to push to the next level and try some new techniques to improve specific areas of physical conditioning.

Individuals may want to improve core strength, develop the intensity of their fitness training, gain an increased in muscular size, or train towards a new challenge.

  • Training for running endurance

  • Improvements in speed using intervals and hill shuttle training

  • Muscle tone – weights and resistance training/circuits with dumbells and kettle bells

  • Core work to reduce your waist and tone stomach muscles

*Specific event programmes are available (for example 5k, 10k, half and full marathon)

Free Consultation & Body Composition Measure  with every new PT session booked
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